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Sunshine Medical Aesthetics is a boutique medical aesthetics practice located in downtown Spearfish, SD. While established in 2022, more than a year of dreaming, planning, and discernment went into our launch, not to mention many, many hours of reading, webinars, and hands-on training.


At Sunshine Medical Aesthetics, we want to be clear that we think you are beautiful! Everyone has traits that make them shine. Some of us want to preserve
those traits, and others may want to restore them. Our goal is to help you feel like the best version of yourself, so you go out into the world with the confidence to change it in the way only you can!


We address aging through prevention and intervention through Botox (and the other medications like it), fillers, and medical-grade skincare, and we celebrate getting older! Thank goodness for the passage of time accompanied by personal growth and wisdom.

Meet the team

meet Phoebe

Phoebe Breed is a nurse practitioner with over ten years of experience in healthcare. The majority of her nursing experience was spent in post-operative and intraoperative care of surgical patients. She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice to become a family nurse practitioner at the top of her class. On moving to Spearfish in 2018, she began working as a nurse practitioner in the primary care and urgent care settings. Her heart lies in procedural care and helping people recognize how incredible they are, so medical aesthetics is a perfect fit for her. When she isn’t learning how to run a business, working with clients, or furthering her skill set, you can find her on her couch with a book and probably a cat. Other places she can be found: any of our local breweries or dining establishments in the hills, at Leone’s (she considers ice cream a food group), or traveling somewhere new!


meet Mariah

Mariah Kimball is a licensed esthetician with a passion for all things skin related. Mariah's passion stems from her own personal journey struggling with eczema. It created a desire in her to meet people where they are and create comprehensive plans to help them achieve their goals. Outside of the clinic Mariah wears many hats. The hat she is most proud of is being a single mamma to three beautiful children. She and her children moved to Spearfish from eastern South Dakota in 2021 and have enjoyed exploring the beautiful Black Hills. Her desire to cultivate joy in each chapter in life has driven Mariah in her profession and home life. When she isn't digging into the latest in esthetics and product knowledge, she can be found exploring the hills, hiking, or snowboarding at Terry Peak. 



We promise never to stop learning, teaching, and practicing at the height of our skill sets. If we can’t perform the treatment, we will refer you to someone who can.



What you see is what you get! We will be honest about what we feel are achievable outcomes, and will let you know when you don’t need treatment.



This world is full of opportunities! We want to work together to make a difference: community above competition, always.



You are you, and that is just the bee’s knees. We strive to celebrate the things that make you, you.



We want to do the right thing, and treat people the way they deserve to be treated.

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