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Laser, Light & RadioFrequency Treatments

Sunshine is proud to have the Optimas platform by InMode. This machine provides technology for multiple energy treatment types for a variety of skin concerns.



Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL treats variation in skin color from either reds or browns. Freckles, sun spots and age spots, small blood vessels and more can be treated by this technology.



Laser Hair Removal

No hair, don't care. Remove unwanted facial or body hair for good with a series of laser hair removal treatments. 

Morpheus Infographic.jpg


RadioFrequency Microneedling

Morheus8 takes microneedling to the next level. Treat skin texture, including sagging, lines, and enlarged pores with this powerful technology!



Noninvasive RadioFrequency

Forma is a pain free treatment to increase collagen in our skin to improve texture, and reduce sagging or loss of elasticity.

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