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DiamondGlow is a unique facial that utilizes 3x1 Technology to exfoliate , remove debris, and infuse a professional grade SkinMedica serum into your pores when they are most receptive. This treatment is customized to your personal skin concerns, and leaves you looking radiant immediately afterward. However, it doesn't stop there! The beauty of DiamondGlow is that your results only improve for the next several days. Whether you are dry, oily, have uneven texture or tone, or just need a good pick me up, DiamondGlow does that. 


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  • This facial experience is personalized to your skin type and goals, utilizing ZO Skin Health and SkinMedica products.  

  • As medical grade products, ZO Skin Health and SkinMedica products are researched with clinical studies to validate that they actually provide the results that they claim to! 


  • Henna brow tinting provides a great alternative to using chemicals for tinting brows.

  • This natural tint also tints the skin under your brows, along with the hairs, eliminating the need to pencil in those brows!



DiamondGlow Facials

  • Express - pretreatment for injectable visits only - $99

  • Therapeutic - $199

  • Luxe - $249

Medical Grade Product Facials

  • Express - $50

  • Therapeutic - $89

  • Luxe - $139

Dermaplaning - add on to facial or DiamondGlow - $50


  • Brow wax & henna tint - $70

  • Brow wax & lamination - $70

    • Add tint - $15​

  • Initial shaping & wax - $30

  • Maintenance wax - $15


  • Lash lift - $65

  • Lash lift & tint - $80

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