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The 2 Minute Cleanse Rule

Often when we self-assess our skin and brainstorm ways to improve it, we tend to jump right into the preventive and corrective products. If I want to moisturize my skin I should use a hydrator, right? If I experience oily skin and breakouts, I should probably get an acne product like a mask or spot treatment, right? While these assumptions are not far off, what if I told you the way you cleanse your skin can have a remarkable impact on most skin conditions and even the way your preventative and corrective products work!

A great cleansing rule to follow is the 2-minute rule. Cleanse the skin in the morning for 2 minutes, working the soap into a lather and fully rinsing with lukewarm water. In the evening, break that cleanse into 2 one-minute cleanses, making sure to fully rinse between cleanses. The first one-minute cleanse to break up any makeup and debris from the day. Then follow with a second one-minute cleanse which will help to assure any left-over makeup and debris is lathered and rinsed away.

The 2-minute cleanse helps to sweep away any excess oils that would have prevented product absorption into the skin. This means you aren’t wasting your preventative and corrective serums because they are better able to penetrate the skin. Not only will your products likely become more affective, but you may see improvement in your skin conditions just by adopting this cleansing rule. Give the 2-minute cleansing rule a try and see how your skin conditions and product absorption change!

If you are interested in a skin consultation where we can discuss your current regimen, optimize your skin routine, and recommend additional products

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